Color Variations - Each Bag, Each Batch is Unique

Customers of the LUSHER leather brand know that for LUSHER bags cognacs can vary from a light tan cognac to a rich reddish cognac, our gorgeous greens can vary from a distressed olive shade to a dark military or our blush varies from a light powdery blush to a more dusty pink. You can come across a bag with a vintage hue to it or others that have a perfectly even tone. This is the very heart of products, and is it why we and our team post new updated photo's for each batch of bags we wash. 

Each bag is washed after it's been completely handcrafted, since the individual pieces of leather that make up the bag are not pre-dyed it's impossible to predict which parts of the bag will hold more color or less. Even in a woven bag one can see a strip of leather that held the color longer and is dark or didn't hold color and will be a light creating a one of a kind finish on the bag. You may see different shades of color in the body, flap, and pockets.

These characteristics might be considered flaws when you're talking about a manufactured bag, but with LUSHER leather, it only increases the desirability when it comes garment-dyed bags.

Our interiors are handcrafted and washed with the leather. This may cause dye markings or variations in the interior as we use sustainable materials they can vary, but again this is part of LUSHER Leather's drive to ensure the most sustainable slow fashion practices. 

If you love your leather bags to have a genuine patina & uncompromising character, you'll love our bags and we're happy you found us! 


LUSHER Leather