The Modern Fanny Pack

The 80's was a decade full of glamour,unhindered excess and explosive technology producing historic change. We were introduced to personal computers, RUN DMC, MTV, Air Jordan's and the iconic Fanny Pack.

That's right the Fanny Pack also known as the waist bag, belt bag or if your in the UK bum bag, introduced itself to popular culture in the 80's. It combined fashion and function eventually burning out in the 90's. 

Interestingly enough the fashion world is once again taking notice of the fanny pack which is finding a new audience which saw sales skyrocket in 2018. It's easy to write this off as a fad but when you see some of the reinvented fanny packs on the market you start understanding why the hype is real. Take LUSHER.CO who produces a handcrafted Italian leather fanny pack that morphs into a brilliant sling. Ideal for both men and women with a vintage look unparalleled in the market place. It's easy enough to rationalize buying a fanny pack when they look this good and double as a resourceful accessory. The true ideal of combining function and fashion. 

If your stuck on the people calling it a Fanny Pack, just refer to it as a holster, mini back pack, sling or just tell them that your not comfortable identifying it as a Fanny Pack and that labels are so 80's.