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    "Unlike heritage luxury brands who burn what they can't sell, we handcraft every bag to be a companion & believe it has its own story to tell & a home ready to welcome it"

    We welcome our community to shop a collection of bags on sale. Each bag is listed as 'second sale', 'end of season' & now included are 2020 bags on sale until Jan 31st -we're almost sold out! 

    Sale Details:

    All Bags Not Marked "Second Sale" / "End of Season"

    Enjoy All Bags from 2020 at discounted prices until Quantities Last! These bags include any bags handcrafted in 2020 & are available for instore credit / exchange.

    "Second Sale" Items: include bags that didn't pass our high standard of quality control. None are return & all are still beautiful or we would not include them in the second sale items. 

    The bags may present some of the characteristics listed below.

    •  leather marks in general
    •  Interior flaws
    •  small stitching issues
    •  stiff zipper
    •  discoloration near or on seems
    • were gently used in photoshoots

    *Please Note We do not offer Returns on Second Sale Items* 

    End of Season Bags: Discontinued Bags/Colors. 

    *We do not offer returns on End of Season Bags

    89 products

    89 products