Beware of Replica Bags

Italy is celebrated world wide for it's premium leather work. Centuries of skilled artisans passing down old world artistry from generation to generation. Small, family run tanneries selecting only the most desirable hides and handcrafting bags in small batches. Genuine slow fashion before it ever was a 'marketing' term used by big brands.

The very heart of each LUSHER Leather design is our soft, washed, distressed vintage Italian leather, handcrafted into classic fashionable designs our customer chose as companions for their everyday. This clear focus on the softness and quality of our leather, the richness of our colors and timeless designs sets us apart from large retailers mass producing in factories using manufactured, low quality materials.

As introduces popular styles we are often contacted by new customers with stories of purchasing replicas from on-line stores and large retailers like Amazon, Etsy, Ebay ect from all over the world, including India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Europe including Italy. Customers report paying slightly less or about the same and then are charged duties and broker fee's and once the bag arrives is a low quality replica often made of dry or old leather and have no recourse as they are expected by their credit card company or PayPal to return the item but shipping is so costly the refund is negligible. 

replica of classic fringe hobo

Replica of our Classic Fringe Hobo recently sent by a customer

Many of these sellers are stealing our photos or photographing our bags and reselling replicas. 

To ensure you receive a genuine bag, shop online at

Thank you to our customers for their support and contacting us regarding replicas. We love when a new customer receives one of our bags and smells our genuine vintage Italian Leather, see's the quality of the workmanship and falls in love the with softness and patina of our carefully selected, sustainable vintage Italian leather.

We stand behind our integrity pricing, genuine and personal customer care and always share the very best of our products. Let us help you find your dream bag.

Sincerely Team