Handmade Italian Leather Bags

Tuscany is a renowned leather district and one of the first areas in the world to ensure sustainable practices as part of the history and heritage of the leather bag craft. Generations of families have developed the art of creating fashion while embracing the eco friendly practices from centuries ago
LUSHER Leather Bags are 100% handmade in Tuscany Italy. Each step, including sourcing and selecting our sustainable leather, the artists who handmake each bag, our laundry who sources plants to create colors and washes each bag to the final step of naturally moisturizing each bag by hand is completed in our Tuscany shop and laundry. 
We share the best of "Italian Leather Vintage Brands" made only in Tuscany. Lusher.co is  the online shop for anyone seeking genuine handmade exclusive Italian Leather bags with the all the character and patina we expect to find in vintage leather bags.
All vintage Italian leather bags are considered limited edition and one of a kind due to their small batch, handmade production and often sell out quickly making them the perfect statement piece, gift or bag for the person who doesn't want to carry the same bag as everyone else.
One of a kind bags you just won't find in stores.