Belt Bags The Reimagined Fanny Pack


"Fanny packs" have worked their way back into the hearts of designers around the globe for good reason, they're undeniably convenient and practical. A hands-free cross over bag that adds style to our wardrobe and function to our day they have now been rebranded Belt Bags, Sling Bags and Chest bags for their versatile styling. 

Finding the perfect Fanny Pack, one that won't be out of style next season, made from high quality materials and that add a high fashion statement to our outfits is simplified by LUSHER Leather's wide range of handcrafted, distressed Italian leather selection. 

Rome Belt & Sling Bag is the perfect example of a gender neutral belt bag that can be worn a variety of ways with room for all your essentials. Sling bags like Oscar or The City Sling have a cult following and have been seen on runways in Milan and NY adding a stunning soft hug of leather we all want to reach out and touch.

If you've ever considered a sling bag, belt bag or 'fanny pack' but not sure where to start, is the number one designer of trending fashion made timeless.