The Softest Italian Leather Bags - How we create irresistible leather bags

buttery soft vintage italian leather duffle bag with front pocket in cognac color

In a world of handbags mass produced in factories from stiff manufactured leather it's such a challenge for conscientious shoppers to find in searches engines genuine buttery soft distressed handmade Italian leather bags that already have the character and patina of vintage leather and a soft and slouchy design esthetic you'd expect from a leather bag that's been used and loved for years. 

At the very heart of each design starts with our soft washed genuine leather ensuring each bag is a one of a kind bag with it's own story to tell, just as leather should.

We started creating bags with one simple classic design, our Movement Duffle bag and began perfecting the softness and suppleness of our leather.

Each bag is handcrafted on demand in our family run tannery in Tuscany. After a bag is completed including the interior, straps and hardware we use a old-world patented technique of manually washing our bags. This unique way of dying our leather brings out all the character of the vintage leather we select and ensures a patina that's unique to each bag. The added beauty is the softness of each design. 

Our customers are unique in their search for exactly the type of leather bags we handcraft and we're working hard to bring these bags to them each day in our online presence of Social Media & Searches and appreciate our customers sharing their reviews and love of our bags with their circle of friends.

Thank you for being a valued customer of, we're a team of real people sharing the bags we love sustainably and with an authentic enthusiasm.

Follow along with us as we developed more designs inspired by our customers.


Team LUSHER Leather