About Our Leather & Mission


Handcrafting a LUSHER bag takes time and talent. In a world where luxury brands are mass producing using pieces of discarded leather, grinding them up and creating "leather", the art and true beauty of leather is hard to find, even harder to find at reasonable prices. Chinese labor factories in Italy are created by the most popular name brands in order to keep the trademark "Made in Italy" stamp, working young women at extremely low wages and marks up are a 100% of cost.

LUSHER.co was founded with a true determination to empower our customers with integrity spending. No one should be paying for a brand that doesn't prioritize people, quality of product and charge it's customers prices that cost months worth of income.

Each of our bags is handcrafted by an artisan who's learned their craft handed down for generation. A bag can take weeks to create and washed in our signature leather colors. This is the true beauty of our bags, the time, attention and softness of luxury without a price that staggers. 

How each bag is created: 

LUSHER bags are created by first carefully selecting the finest Italian calf leather hide. The design team considers beauty, timeless style and the versatility of each style. Experienced artists, with technical skills handed down from generations, handcraft each bag and this process is done in batches of just thirty. Color is the very last step, natural and organic, chosen specifically to bring out the true beauty and uniqueness of each bag's leather. The bag is washed in the chosen color creating the unique beauty that is the signature of our leather & is why the lining color is unique to each bag and color.

Although this process requires more time, it also requires more talent and integrity. We will never compromise on the quality or beauty of our leather bags by mass producing. 

We are proud to share Genuine, Old World Techniques and Timeless beauty of Italy's finest leather at such accessible prices. 

Loving your LUSHER bag is our goal & customers are our family. We love to hear from you & appreciate the support and wonderful reviews.

Sincere Thank You