LUSHER is about the experience of feeling good, comfortable and proud of our choices. Independent thinkers free of the need for brand labels, considering mass production's cost on society both socially and environmentally. We share leather that's been loved & valued, we design comfortable, irresistibly soft companions we hope share your everyday. 

"Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Bag"

About Our Leather 

Our leather is a full circle of love & compassion, re-purposed skillfully, we compassionately consider our planet & the need for genuine sustainability.  We are the integral connection between our customers and artisans that who handcraft designs thoughtfully considering ever changing lives and the need for products that move with us developing character and beauty just as we do with each new experience. 

Our bags are handcrafted and produced on demand minimizing waste and environmental impact. We work directly with our family run artisans prioritizing our shared values & relationships. Our leather is ethically sourced using vintage up-cycled Italian leather. Our tannery meets international environmental standards and all waste is recycled into bricks or fertilizers. We source eco-friendly products, packaging and services to minimize energy waste. Operations work on a continuum and we are always working best practices, international standards to ensure minimal environmental impact.

"Cruelty Free" Includes a balanced big picture view that includes consideration for our animal friends but also care for our planet and the people sharing it. was founded by a couple who share a plant based diet, a minimalist lifestyle, love of traveling the world and a genuine care and consideration for animals including fostering and volunteer.

There are many disingenuous marketing terms created to describe fashion accessories in order to excuse selling low quality products at unreasonable mark-ups, worse yet, it muddies the water for those of us who seek sustainable, responsible products consciously made by business' who are passionate about their values. Many brand purses are mass produced in Chinese factories notorious for their poor treatment of women and are made from ground discarded pieces of leather and all contain toxic materials that aren't recyclable or sustainable, none should be considered 'vegan' or 'cruelty free'

Big Picture

"Our priority when launching wasn't to 'sell another bag', instead we are consciously helping customers find “the bag” because we all understand closets filled with bags made from toxic materials mass-produced in factories by young underpaid women cost far more to our planet and those living on it than one handcrafted leather bag that can be enjoyed daily for multiple activities" - Team LUSHER"