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We transcend the ever-changing trends of fashion to deliver timeless, versatile styles.
We make no compromise on the quality and softness of our leather. Working closely with Italian leather artists from generations of skilled talent, handcrafting beautiful, traditional bags from ethically sourced vintage Italian leather.
Our bags all share the trademark "Made in Italy" known throughout the world as the best quality leather available.
In a market flooded with bags costing 100’s or even 1000’s of dollars, manufactured in mass from discarded pieces of leather, we were determined to not only share old world leather craftsmanship but old world values, including integrity pricing and spending.
Our bags are designed and created with versatility in mind, to help our customers get the most out of their selection. Designed for the professional, academic, traveler or fashionista.
LUSHER.co allows us to share our passion without high retail markup, expensive shipping or high duties. We are always seeking to create new, versatile bags and designing limited edition pieces.
Our customers are our priority and we appreciate your support and feedback. Our leather is our passion, it is exactly the leather we love too.
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All of our bags are handcrafted and produced on demand minimizing waste. We work directly with our artisans prioritizing good pay and great work environments. Our leather is ethically sourced using vintage Italian leather in our designs. Our tanneries meet international environmental standards and source eco-friendly products, packaging and services to minimize energy waste. Operations work on a continuum and we are always working best practices, international standards to ensure minimal environmental impact. Our Priority at LUSHER.co isn’t to sell another bag, it’s to share “the bag” with the conscious buyer who knows closets filled with inexpensive bags made from toxic materials and mass-produced by young underpaid women, cost far more than one handcrafted leather bag, that can be used daily for multiple activities.
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