We Ship Same Day
We're not perfect, we're not smooth and we're not covered in brand labels.

What we are is loved, lived in, distressed, enticingly touchable with irresistible character, no two bags are identical.

We're not 'selling another bag' we're sharing the leather we love, in styles we hope you choose as companions to share your everyday.

Our leather is carefully and consciously selected from up-cycled vintage Italian calfskin leather. We use an Italian, time-honored technique of hand washing our bags in organic colors which enhances the nuances of vintage leather. The color will vary on each bag, no two bags are exactly the same. Marbled, wrinkled & soft. 

We handcraft and wash on demand in batches of just 30! We minimize waste, we never mass-produce and we work directly with our family run tannery in Italy ensuring we never participate in the 'mass-production' of bags notorious for over charging customers, is abusive to workers and damages our environment. 

We want our customers to understand our leather, values and appreciate we are real people with a genuine interest in sharing what we love with those who love it too. 

Canadian based, Italian made, we're a team of people, real people who are sharing what we love. We strongly believe in integrity pricing so share our bags exclusively on-line at lusher.co. No middle men, no retail space & no celebrity endorsements rolled into our prices. 

If you think see our bags somewhere else - they aren't ours, they aren't our leather, there is a difference between 'vintage effect' and LUSHER.co.

Please share you story with us on Instagram, we'd love to meet you - tag us #livelusher and @lusher.co - How do you "live lusher"? 



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