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My story is probably your story. My parents weren't wealthy, I learned to buy what I needed mindfully, choosing thoughtful designs that would last, items I would enjoy using everyday, moving with me through a versatile life.  

I'm an independent, big picture thinker which includes social & environmental consideration. I don't want to carry bags covered in logos, advertising for big brands that are mass produced in factories of young underpaid women. Charging us 1000's more than the cost to produce a bag made of stiff  manufactured 'leather'. Burning millions of dollars of stock to keep prices inflated isn't ok for our planet, and says something about how these companies feel about their customers and products. 

More and more we understand our buying power, considering our planet for the next generation and want to spend with integrity. We want to support companies who have a vision for the future, who understand our busy day to day and this includes offering beautiful lasting products. This is who we strive to be and our customers see it in our leather designs and customer care. 

I've always admired leather's ability to age gracefully. Colors that soothe and textures that entice us to touch.

We share designs with the needs of daily life in mind, using only the softest vintage upcycled Italian leather in consideration of our planet & beloved animal friends, pricing with genuine integrity and understanding of my customers while handcrafting on demand to minimize waste while adding to the true beauty of each bag. 

Let us help you find your dream bag to share your ever changing life. It would be our honor.



Founder & Creator


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