About LUSHER Leather

Value & Humanity

100% Handcrafted

Each bag is handcrafted, piece by piece in a small, family run shop in Tuscany. We select the softest, sustainable, fine grain Italian hide..  Once completed our bags undergo unique, old-world, patented process, where in batches of just 30 they are washed in a natural plant derived dust manually mixed batch by batch

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What We Stand For

It's simple for us at LUSHER. The very heart of our brand is our soft washed sustainable fine-grain Italian leather. Every aspect of creating a LUSHER bag is human, manual and natural.

100% Handcrafted

LUSHER leather bags are 100% handcrafted in Tuscany Italy. This is truly unique as many brands only piece mass produced bags together in Italy to achieve the "made in Italy" stamp.

Natural & Human

Handcrafted in batches of just 30, each step is 100% natural and human. Our colors are derived from dusts created from plants from around the world. No machines, no chemicals.