About LUSHER Leather

Intentional Imperfection

Distressed Leather

...our bags undergo a unique manufacturing process, where each bag is washed, dyed & distressed in its entirety after all the parts are put together .. This patented technique not only gives each bag their vintage, distressed look ... it guarantees that no two bags are exactly alike ...
We forgive the small imperfections and embrace them as evidence of the humanity of our bags

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North American Roots

Our story starts in Vancouver British Columbia where our soft distressed fine-grain leather bags weren't available to customers seeking our esthetic. In 2010 we began sharing our bags direct with customers with a priority on sustainable raw materials & handcraftsmanship only available from Italy

Handcrafted in Italy

LUSHER bags are fully realized in our Tuscan Tannery with no compromise. We handcraft each design in small batches from sustainable fine-grain Italian leather, once fully complete use an old world patented technique of washing our bags ensuring one of a kind character & patina

Intergrity Pricing

We sell direct to our customers, who can be confident our pricing includes the cost of genuine raw materials sourced in Italy, good wages for generations of skilled handcraftsmanship & a clear focus on sustainable eco-friendly practices unique to the leather manufacturing community in Italy