The Art of Soft Distressed Italian Leather Bags

LUSHER leather bags are distinctly unique, our leather is soft, distressed with a vintage look and feel. Our leather is the very heart of each design. 

Sorrento Duffle bag in 4 two toned colors

Each bag undergoes a very unique process, as each bag is handcrafted including all it's parts, straps and interior and once completed washed and dyed in it's entirety. This old-world, patented technique not only gives bags their distressed, vintage weathered look but ensures each bag is a genuine unique work of art with it's own distinct wrinkles, patina and coloration. 

The leather we select is 100% Italian full grain of the finest quality and the more you use your bag the softer and more beautiful it becomes. Our interior is soft washed cotton and all our fabrics and color are environmentally friendly.

Everything about bags excludes character and a 'reach out and touch' feel. 

Sorrento duffle in cognac two tone

We design our bags to be companions our customers chose to share their day with rather then stiff bags that sit on shelves and in closets. Seasonless, Timeless and often gender neutral, we design bags you'll loves for years to come.