What Integrity Mean's at LUSHER.co

As brand conceived by a women, a business owned and operated by women and a website built and run by women our number one consideration is ensuring our customers have all the information they need to shop on our online store with confidence. We think shopping for the perfect bag should be fun and when your bag arrives, we want you to feel you have found the perfect companion to share your everyday. 

Integrity starts with the materials we use. The heart of LUSHER Leather is our soft, sustainable distressed vintage Italian leather. Currently replica bags flood the internet and social media claiming to be made in Italy at similar or lesser prices, but none are our original designs, handcrafted in small batches in our signature leather by artisans. When starting LUSHER.co we knew we'd never do business in countries or in factories where bags are mass produced, where women are over worked and under paid and women are then over charged for bags made from low quality materials engaged in practices that damage our earth. 

Integrity pricing is a priority for us, we want to share our bags with anyone who's looking for exactly our esthetic of bag as affordably as possible, while ensuring our artisan's and staff are well treated and receive a good wage and enjoy a good work environment. In order to provide our bags at integrity pricing we took a hard look at what large retailers were rolling into their prices, and decided to do it differently. Frist we can share our bags direct with customers, online. We pay for shipping to our customers and don't ding customers for returns. We don't use influencers or famous models or actresses which charge high rates just to say they like our bags, we don't think our customers care who's carrying our bags, they care instead about who's making them and the quality of our leather. Large retailers hide the cost of 'free returns any time", "free repair services' or "warranties" in the price and which is often a mark up of 100 - 130%! We believe each customer should be paying just for the bag they purchased, not services they may never use and are often abused. 

Integrity in information and customer care are a constant consideration. We take reviews and feed back seriously often responding to them directly to understand how we can do better or help customers understand where to find information they may need. Every listing is written by the women on our team after reviewing, using, and styling each bag. We provide the information we'd want before buying, like measurements, photo's of the bags on models and descriptions. When it comes to customer care, we're real women answering our customers emails and questions. We stay online most hours of the day so we can ensure one of our team members can reply quickly to any questions or concerns. 

Integrity to LUSHER Leather also means the way we treat our team members. Each is a member of our family and is a genuine bag addict who loves our bags and mission & wants to share them with as many people seeking exactly the type of bags we handcraft, soft distressed rugged leather bags you just won't find in stores. 

When shopping at LUSHER.co we want you to have a wonderful experience and are happy to shop with you to find the perfect bag or gift. Contact us any time and we'll respond as soon as we can.... unless we're sleeping (Pacific Standard Time:)