Shipping Details


LUSHER is a Canadian Company who ships from Vancouver British Columbia Canada and covers state taxes for our U.S Customers.

DUTIES - No duties are charged on orders up to $800.00. We recommend orders over $800.00 be placed in two or more separate orders to avoid duties upon arrival. 

When will my order ship? 

Our shipping team endeavours to ship within 24-48 hrs of receiving your order Monday - Friday a.m. The moment your order is in transit you'll receive your tracking number.

Please note: orders received on weekends/holidays will be confirmed, packed and readied for shipping within 24 hrs of order confirmation. You will receive your tracking number the next business day. 

Secure Shipping Service & Delivery

We ship to our U.S. Customers using UPS Tracked Service requiring a signature for a secure delivery.

Once your item has shipped, you'll receive your Tracking Number which you are responsible to use to track your package, be aware of any delays and delivery attempts. You can contact UPS directly using your tracking to make inquiries regarding the status of your package or to arrange a new delivery time at your convience.

Please enter a physical home address where your item can be safely and reliably received. Do not use a P.O. Boxes or UPS Store addresses. 

I entered a P.O. Box as my shipping address. 

We ask at checkout, in shipping policies located in the item description and in shipping policies detailed for customers to not use P.O boxes as delivery address, but in the event you choose to do so please understand the following as we do our best to deliver your package to you at your chosen address - 

In the event you entererd a P.O Box  please understand your order can only ship with USPS.  You will receive a tracking number that can be used online at USPS,  but it may take up to three days for your item to reach the U.S. border where USPS will then be responsible for the P.O Box delivery. Please carefully track your package, contact USPS directly to address any delays or concerns. Please note we are not responsible for any issues with delivery to P.O Box address' and any return requests are minus the additional fees associated. 

Abandon Package/Not Delivered/Return to Sender

LUSHER orders are followed up by a series of emails including your shipping confirmation which includes your tracking, shipping updates and an out for delivery email to ensure each customer is fully informed of the delivery of their package with reminders a signature is required. 

Abandoned or *'neglected packages'  are not reshipped due to the very high fees associated with return shipping, broker fees, duties, taxes and 'return to sender fees'. Please ensure you track your package and receive it in a timely manner. LUSHER and our customer care team are not responsible for 'abandon packages'.

Any delivery issues are customers responsibility, we are unable to change addresses after the package has shipped. 

*( neglected: not accepted/not collected at UPS store/not available to accept package and not arranging pick up or convient delivery time directly with UPS)

Understanding 'Shipping Standards'

Shipping standards are set by the carrier and do not include processing times, weekends, or holidays. Carriers consider the pick up date "Day 0".

Shipping Delays? Contact UPS using your tracking number for the most up to date delivery information in your area.

What are your shipping fees? 

We cover the costs to ship using  UPS, Tracked with Signature Required. 

There is a small Shipping Service fee of 12.99  which covers just a portion of our int. shipping service which includes a broker clearing your package/packages through customs.

Shipping costs have skyrocketed and we continue to work to ensure quick and seamless service for our U.S. based customers and tax free shopping. 

We recommend placing more than one order for orders over $800.00 to avoid any additional fees when your package is cleared through customs.

Shipping Delays

We understand how disappointing shipping delays can be and it is not unusual for delays to occur with international orders shipping through the border and moving through sorting centres located throughout the U.S.

We ask customers to use the tracking provided and contact UPS directly, BY PHONE to ask any questions regarding delays in your area of service. 

Once you have your order confirmation and tracking your package has departed our warehouse and we are unable to recall it. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

If your item is more than 1 week overdue, CALL UPS ( phone)  directly to open a claim or investigation. 

Where do you ship from?

We ship from B.C Canada and all returns are received and processed in Canada as well.