Returns, Exchanges and Refund Policy

Thank you for taking the time to read our Policies prior to purchase to ensure the best customer experience possible. 


We hope you love the bag you selected but if you have a change of heart and decide to return it we kindly ask the original purchaser contact us using our return request portal HERE .

We need to request a RETURN OF GOODS service to return your item using the original shipping method before the service expires 7 days after delivery. We recommend sending a request no later than 3-5 days after receiving the item Mon-Fri. Feel free to email us over the weekend and on Holidays however keep your return deadline in mind as we will only be able to request the service the following Monday.
Second Sale/Sale or Clearance Items and Obi Belts are final sale and will not receive a return of goods service response.

Our Shipping Team will provide a return lable for all eligable returns within 24-48 hrs Mon - Friday for a smooth return through the US Canadian Boarder using the original service.

International Returns/Cross-border Returns - 'Return of Goods' Service

For international & cross-border return requests, our shipping service will provide a 'return of goods' service through UPS to clear your package through customs. This service requires a broker to manage fees, duties and taxes once your item is assessed at customs.  International return of goods service will be provided at a discounted fee of $30.00 per shipment which will be deducted from your refund. 


Sale Items / Second Sale / Clearance / Obi Belts are non-refundable/returnable/exchangeable.

Gift Cards are non-transferable, refundable, and can not be cancelled as they are issued as soon as payment is submitted and issued immediately.   

Shipping fee's where applicable are not refundable.

Return of goods shipping service/lable are not refundable. 

Orders received more then 7 days before return request as detailed above.


We recommend due to our high turnover, placing a new order for the bag you'd prefer and we'll ship it out right away. Contact our customer care team to request a return of your original item. If an Item is received back under an exchange request and no alternative item is purchased, we'll issue a gift card to use at your leisure.


Our quality control team endeavours to issue refunds within 1-8 business days minus the cost of original shipping and return of good fees.

*Partial Refunds : Any requested and/or agreed partial refunds & discounts issued are final sale. 

 Items must have all orginal packaging, duster and tags included, be in perfect condition, not have been exposed to perfume, smoke or leather treatments, left in the sun/elements. 


Please note: Applicable to all orders that are not picked up at your local carrier office prior to the cut off. Packages refused or 'returned to sender', not signed for or any other neglect of a deliverable package by the customer/receiver.

If you are unable to sign for or collect your package it is your responsibility to contact the shipping service to advise and arrange delivery at your convenience. 

Items shipped back to our warehouse without approval from the LUSHER customer care team are not refundable. Our shipping service requires each incoming package be registered in order to identify the package, company and customer. We must provide a return of goods service label and tracking to register and identify the return. Do not ship your item back without approval. 

Refused packages and those that are not received due to negligence on the part of the recipient are non refundable. All fees including shipping costs, broker, duties, taxes and fees associated with 'return to sender' are deducted from the refund *IF* the item is returned, often these packages are simply abandoned by the carriers. Please note: Non returnable / refundable items are not refunded for any reason.


CANCELLATIONS: Orders placed due to customer error

When a customer places an order, they are required to provide their address, phone, billing address and information. Orders can not be made in error on our system. Once the shipping information and payment method is entered by the customer and the order confirmed,  our shipping service has already printed the lable and is reading the package for shipment. We can not cancel orders. 

If you have received your tracking number  your item has already shipped. LUSHER is not responsible for orders placed in error by the customer and the customer is responsible for all fees incurred. You will be responsible to return your item to us. Full and actual shipping fees both to and from the customer and all fee associated with a recalled/cancelled order are non refundable and are deducted from refunds. This may include and not limited to duties, taxes, broker fee's, shipping to and from the customer. Note not applicable to final sale items. Final sale items can not be returned for any reason. 

CANCELLED that require recall after shipping: Refunds will be minus all shipping costs and will occur only after we have the recall costs from UPS. Please expect delays up to 3 weeks for refunds.

Orders placed for sale, Second Sale or other non refundable, non returnable items can not be cancelled/returned or exchanged. 

What if I receive my item and find a flaw?

Prior to shipping, each bag is thoroughly examined by our team in our Tuscan workshop. We carefully check the leather, stitching, lining and hardware to ensure there is no damage or flaws, and wrap each item in our handmade, organic cotton market totes and cover it it plastic for a safe and secure shipment to our North American customers.

If you receive your item and find it damaged contact us the very same day as delivery to report the damage so we can assist. ( within 24-48 hrs) Any item received and signed for after this time and no reports of flaws or damage we will assume you have decided to keep the bag as it is. Once the bag has been used it can no longer be returned for a refund or store credit

Please do not use a blade to open your package.


Items damaged after use: We encourage our customers to use and love their bags, whenever damage or wear and tear occurs we recommend repair and continued use. We do not offer repair services.  If your bag requires repair bring it to your local luggage and purse repair who can quickly and very affordably repair your bag. We are a sustainable practice business and create bags that can be used for years with care and repair when needed, unlike big brands who charge 20 - 100 x's for a bag we do not add costs like warranties, repairs and replacements as we believe customers should only pay for the bag they buy, not potential returns or repairs. 

Note: our vintage distressed leather, washed interiors, and distressed hardware is not considered damage or flaws.

We do our very best in consciously ensuring no bag is sent out with damage and are cautious of the many replicas being purchased and then attempting to return them as a LUSHER bag, so kindly work with us, we have a wonderful team of women working hard to ensuring you receive a bag you'll love and will work hard to ensure our customers are satisfied.