First let us say it's nice to meet you and we are so happy you found us and love the bags we make. Each bag is handcrafted from stitch to leather finish in Tuscany and each bag is finished by hand by the leading leather artist in Italy.
The difference between LUSHER and leading vintage brands is they only replicate the finish on each bag due to the time and cost while to us at LUSHER it's the very heart of what we do.
We want everyone to know they are being treated fairly, paying the same price as everyone else and not going to see their beautiful bag on sale later. Beware of online websites claiming to offer discount codes - these sites are designed only to obtain your information and are in no way affiliated with LUSHER nor will they provide a legitimate code.
If you are signed up for emails we send out exclusive shopping events emails you can shop directly from, emails for 'Limited Edition Bag of the Month' Drops at exclusive prices for our VIP's, our customer favorite 'Second Sale' and other events we're sure you'll love.
While we don't offer discounts, we do have our Archives Sale which is a wonderful opportunity to shop best sellers from previous collections deeply discounted.
Thank you for shopping LUSHER