How to find a sling bag with the right fit for you.

Finding a sling bag that fits you comfortably involves considering several factors. Here are some steps to help you find the right sling bag:

  1. Measure your body: Take measurements of your body to understand your dimensions better. Pay attention to your torso length, chest circumference, and waist size. Also, consider how you want to wear the sling bag – across your chest, on your back or across your waist. We recommend using a tape measure to measure from one shoulder down to the opposite hip to get the right measurement for crossbody sling bag wear - compare this measurement with the length of the strap.

  2. Check the bag dimensions: Look for the dimensions of the sling bags you're interested in. We provide detailed information and measurements on evert product listings. Focus on the bag's height, width, and depth to ensure it can accommodate your belongings. 

  3. Consider the strap length: Our Sling bags all come with adjustable straps, but it's crucial to check the minimum and maximum lengths of the strap. Ensure that the bag's maximum strap length is enough to comfortably fit around your body when worn in your preferred style. Note we do leave a couple extra inches at the end and begining of the strap to add additional holes.

  4. Check for additional features: We design our sling bags with comfortable soft leather, adjustable straps, plenty of exterior zip pockets for organization and keep our bags as lightweight as possible. We make a lot of different sling bag styles for different needs and body types.

  5. Consider your usage: Think about what you'll be carrying in the sling bag. If you plan to carry a lot of items regularly, you might need a larger bag.

Remember, comfort is key when selecting a sling bag and is at the very heart of the LUSHER design esthetic.  Taking the time to find the right fit will ensure that the sling bag becomes a practical and comfortable accessory for your daily needs.

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