LUSHER's commitment to sustainable practices - it's our heritage

LUSHER bags and belts are 100% handmade from stitch to leather finish in Tuscany Italy.  The art of leather craftsmanship in Tuscany dates back centuries. The region's expertise in leatherworking can be traced as far back as the medieval times, making it one of the oldest and most renowned centers for leather production in the world.


Tuscany's skilled artisans have been known for their mastery in working with high-quality leather, producing finely crafted bags, accessories, and other leather products. The region's traditional craftsmanship and dedication to producing top-quality items have earned Tuscany a reputation as a leading hub for leather goods and one of the world leaders in eco-friendly sustainable practices.

How is LUSHER leather sustainable? 

  1. Longstanding tradition and expertise: Italy has a rich history of leather craftsmanship, our tanneries and leather manufacturing facilities have operated for generations and remail family run. This long-standing tradition has allowed development of advanced techniques for processing leather in environmentally friendly ways.

  2. Strict environmental regulations: Italy, as part of the European Union, adheres to strict environmental regulations and standards. These regulations help control the environmental impact of industrial processes, including leather production, leading to better sustainability practices.

  3. Investment in sustainable technology: LUSHER has been proactive in investing in sustainable technologies that reduce water consumption, energy use, and waste generation. These advancements contribute to a more environmentally friendly industry.

  4. Eco-friendly tanning processes: LUSHER Itanneries utilize vegetable tanning and washing, traditional methods that use natural plant extracts instead of harmful chemicals in the tanning process. This results in biodegradable leather and minimizes harm to the environment.

  5. Traceability and transparency: We emphasize traceability and transparency in their supply chains. We work closely with suppliers to ensure responsible sourcing of raw materials, and this focus on transparency can help identify and address any sustainability concerns.

  6. Collaboration with sustainable fashion brands: LUSHER often collaborates with renowned fashion brands that prioritize sustainability and ethical practices. This partnership encourages the adoption of eco-friendly principles throughout the supply chain. We will collect unused leather and fabrics to create beautiful small batch bags to share with our VIPS.

  7. Small Batch: LUSHER is best known for it's direct to customer, small batch process. We make all our bags and belts on demand and hold second sales rather then creating and destroying excess products.

It is important to note that while the Italian leather industry is recognized for its efforts in sustainability, practices evolve over time as technologies and societal values change and LUSHER is at the forefront on inviting small batches, less waste and direct to customer availablity as a standard for brands across the globe.