Clearance Sales Event


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Unlike heritage luxury brands who burn what they can't sell, we handcraft every bag to be a companion & believe it has its own story to tell & a home ready to welcome it
Items listed as Archive are the last of the batch and will not be returning while we make room for new designs.
Items listed as Second Sale include bags that didn't pass our high standard of quality control. We invite our VIP customers to shop these bags deeply discounted in our semi annual second sale. Items sell out fast and the sale will run only as long as items are available
All proceeds are donated to charities or a current event in need of support. Each purchase gives back in a very real way and is true to the LUSHER nature  of thoughtful consideration to the world we share
Thank you for giving these beautiful bags loving homes
Second Sale Details:
The bags may present some of the characteristics listed below.
*last one/end of color or season *leather marks in general *Interior flaws *stitching flaws *design changes or 
*were gently used in photoshoots *stiff zipper 
*replacement straps *or other flaws

*Please note we do not offer returns on Clearance Sale Items for any reason & thank our wonderful community of VIP customers for giving these beautiful bags a new home where they will be used & loved.