About LUSHER.co

Soft lived-in loved leather, leather that moves us to reach out and touch, exuding an earthy scent evoking a pleasured smile and treasured memories, leather that develops lovable character while sharing our everyday adventures. Our leather is the heart of LUSHER.co & the foundation of each style we create.

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LUSHER.co is a the connection between old world artisan handcrafted designs, sustainable eco friendly up-cycled leather and customers seeking slow-fashion casual bags without high retail mark-ups. Each bag is handcrafted in a batch of just 30 & has its own natural patina ( character) which will continue to develop with use & time. Our leather isn't manufactured 'perfect & hard', it's natural & soft. These characteristics aren't flaws but the absolute essence of genuine leather, sustainable & handcrafted, it's the leather we love, each bag is a one in a million rather then one of millions. 

We create timeless designs that transcend ever changing fashion trends moving with our customers through ever changing days, activities and lifestyles encouraging light carefree living.