Our Leather

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LUSHER Leather is a the connection between old world artisan handcrafted designs, and customers seeking slow-fashion sustainable casual bags.

Each bag is handcrafted in a small tannery in Tuscany. We select the softest, sustainable, fine-grain Italian leather and make our bags in very small batches. After each bag is handmade it undergoes a unique manufacturing process, where each bag is washed, dyed and distressed in its entirety after all the parts are put together - straps, lining and hardware. This patented technique is the heart of our brand. It ensures each bag is soft and enhances their vintage, distressed sustainable leather. Each "skin" is unique in the way it absorbs color, stretches and shrinks, so each finished bag is distinct in its color, tonality, and texture. Vintage leather has it's own marks and scuffs we embrace. The wash may cause dark spots on the leather and the resulting shape and size may also vary slightly. Our process includes the interior having a washed, uneven and vintage look as well. 

These characteristics aren't flaws but the absolute essence of the genuine vintage Italian leather we select, both sustainable & handcrafted, it's the leather we love, each bag is a one in a million rather then one of millions and exactly the leather our customers seek. We forgive the small imperfections and embrace them as evidence of the humanity of our bags and the process and time we take to create them.

In short: even-toned, uniform-looking, cookie-cutter bags manufactured in high volumes from an assembly line of workers, with perfect interiors and manufactured leather is exactly the opposite of what we do. Genuine handcrafted artistry is as human and imperfect as each of us and our bags are a reflection of humanity before mass production and marketing terms like 'slow fashion'. 

Our design focus in on creating timeless bags that transcend ever changing fashion trends moving with our customers through changing days, activities and lifestyles encouraging light carefree casual living. 

Bags you just won't find in stores backed by our desire to help our customer find the perfect bag for them. 

We hope you love your LUSHER bag, and from our team of real people who work each day, from a place of 'loving what we do', we thank you for your support and kind reviews. 

Now let's find you the perfect bag!