Handmade Small Batch Italian Leather Bags


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LUSHER Leather is the direct connection between old world artisan handcrafted bags, and customers seeking one of a kind vintage leather finishes you just won’t find in stores. On LUSHER.co we share our bags directly with customers to keep prices as low as possible and provide good working wages and an atmosphere of goodwill with a passion that keeps our creativity flowing into new styles and leather finishes. We love meeting new customers who love what we do and provide loving homes for our handmade small batch limited edition bags.


LUSHER BRAND BAGS: How we create them

Each LUSHER leather bag is 100% handmade, piece by piece, in a small family run shop in Tuscany. Every week we select the softest, sustainable,  Italian leather with the guidance of our over 100 year old tannery.  After each bag is completed it undergoes a unique, old-world, patented wash process, where each bag is colored in an all natural plant derived dust manually mixed for each batch in our Tuscan Laundry who's been developing this very special craft for over 150 years. Our leather bags are colored in their entirety after all the parts are put together - straps, lining and hardware. This patented technique is the very heart of our brand, it ensures each bag is buttery soft and enhances our vintage, distressed sustainable leather. Each "skin" is unique in the way it absorbs color, stretches and shrinks, so each small batch of bags  is distinct in its color, tonality, and texture. 

We are constantly creating new colors developed from plants gathered from around the world to make exciting new shades that transcend seasons and ever changing fashion trends. Many are limited edition due to how much of that particular plant we are able to source. We encourage customers to try new colors and shades as they are even more stunning in person. 



Our BAYSIDE84 StoneWash finish is a luxury technique 100% applied by hand , a seven part series taking over a week to complete for each bag. An exclusive treatment our brand continues to develop mimicking the effects of time on natural materials inspired by our genuine interest in the world around us from the old churches of Florence to the natural walkways carved out centuries ago. A finish for the connoisseur of vintage leather who loves a truly one of a kind leather finish. Each bag will have its own nuances and patina and is a complete original.


 ALCHIMIA : The Most Luxurious Vintage Bag Designs

Our Alchimia line is a very special line made availble to VIPS ( email subscribers) in advance of the launch because they sell out quickly.

100% designed and realized in every detail in Italy by a company of luxury bag designers who have been in the industry since 1965 and work with the best known and biggest bag brands from around the world. 

Each ALCHIMIA bag is created in a small batch from the same high quality vegetable tanned leather and materials as the most expensive designer brands with a unique, luxurious and elevated vintage finish completed by hand once the bag is fully completed.

The ALCHIMIA line is very special to the LUSHER team and we plan to launch a new, limited edition batch almost monthly for our VIPS to shop to expand our design esthetic and work on our ever expanding leather finishes with the very best teams Italy has to offer.

Sincere Thank You From the LUSHER team

We appreciate you taking the time to read about us and hope you love your LUSHER bag. From our team of real people who work each day, from a place of 'loving what we do', we thank you for your support and kind reviews. Now let's find you the perfect bag!