How to Care Your Italian leather bag

You've received your buttery soft calf skin leather bag, you love how soft it is and wonder, "How do I care for this beauty".

The true beauty of leather is it's nuances like coloration and textural changes throughout the bag.

Caring for your calf skin leather is simple and often a personal choice.

With the many leather care brands and products on the market, varying from country to country we recommend, if you chose to protect your leather using a product asking your local leather care professional what they recommend for products. Always start with a small amount in an area of the bag not readily seen to color test first.

Many customer chose not to protect their bag, simply storing it carefully, in it's dust bag, dry, non humid area of your home & occasionally wiping it (dusting) with a soft dry cloth or slightly damp if removing a mark.

Don't use too much water; leather takes time to dry. Do not dry in direct sunlight.

Cleaners made specifically for leather can be used once or twice a year, and we again recommend when purchasing these products, bring your bag and ask for advice on application.

Your bag will age beautifully and timelessly.

Leather as unique as you.

Sincerely Team