Leather Care & Repair


  • Wipe with a soft damp cloth {make sure it is damp not wet}
  • Use a specialized leather bag cleaner for stubborn marks or dirt, but be aware that this can discolor your leather.
  • Let water drops dry naturally, using heat to dry can warp your leather. 


  • It is worth protecting your leather with one of the many leather protection products on the market. Just remember to test it on a small part of the bag first as it may discolor the leather.
  • Be aware that unwashed or dark denim may rub off onto the lighter colored leather if the leather is not protected. 
  • Store it in a cool, dry place with good air ventilation.
  • Since leather is porous, it loses moisture through evaporation. Use a leather conditioner once in a while to keep your bag super soft, protected and looking its best. Wipe excess product and allow the bag to air dry completely before storing it
  • Never leave your leather bag lying in the sun or exposed to the elements.


Your LUSHER.co bag has been handcrafted in Italy and manually washed in one of our signature colors. We use old world, time honored traditions to ensure we achieve only the softest and most beautiful genuine leather bags. Prior to shipping each bag is examined by Quality Control to ensure there is no damage. Wear and tear is to be expected & just like all the things we love and use daily may require repair. For quick and affordable repairs, take your bag to a local shoe / leather repair shop. We do not offer a repair service & encourage everyone to care for the things they love and repair them and continue to use them, they will just get better with age. Slow fashion requires we all do our part. Unlike major retailers who charge 3-4x's for bags to cover costs of 'free repairs' etc we prioritize integrity pricing, we believe customers should only pay for the bag they buy, not the repairs or returns of others.